Imperial’s Footprint

2017/18 tilbud 8.klasse

The pupils will take part in an online project under ASEF using closed Facebook groups. It runs from January till June, however, not all lessons should be used on the project for that period of time. Charlotte Duun will be able to come and assist on the days you chose to work with this project.

Please click here to participate

The purpose of the project is for the pupils to gain knowledge and understanding about the Imperialism: What is imperialism? Who had or has imperialized in the world? What footprints have imperialism left in your own country and around the globe?

The pupils will post their answers online and thereby share history and their own reflections on colonization with pupils from different ASEF countries.

Global House will set up the closed Facebook group and assist in making digital presentations. The project will have this timeschedule:

Phase 1 (January 2018)

Set-up the Facebook group and invite members to join

Members introduce themselves and comments on the other members’ instructions

 Gaining information about the the Era of Colonization (On EDUCA is shared 15 activities with focus on literacy, Imperialism English)

Phase 2 (February to April 2018)

Preparing digital presentation of famous explorer (approximately 2-3 lessons)

Sharing digital presentation in the Facebook group

Comments on the other digital presentations

Phase 3 (May 2018)

Discus in Facebook group;

What footprints do you think the imperialism have left in your country and the world?

What do you think are the pros and cons with imperialism?

Does imperialism still exist?

If you were to power the world, which 5 most important rules would you imposed?

Phase 4 (June 2018)

Nominate and vote for the 5 best digital presentations

Please click here to participate

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