Oplæg og rundvisning på SDU

Vi har lavet et åbent skole tilbud sammen med SDU. Jeres klasse får en rundvisning og et oplæg som beskrevet her:

Words are - as far as this is possible - clearly defined, well understood, and handy elements in speech. Therefore, it is relatively simple to learn the right choice of words in good public speaking, especially since we know the meanings and proper pronunciations  of words basically since our earliest childhood. But, what about the "How", and speech melody in particular? When it comes to successful presentations and negotiations, many scientific studies suggest that speech melody is an even more important rhetorical instrument than the word. Nevertheless, in rhetoric, speech melody has so far been somewhat marginalized or conceptualized in fuzzy terms like "animated", "fluent" etc. It was against this background that we at SDU have developed a worldwide unique innovation: The PICSA algorithm (Percpetion-Integrated Charismatic Speech Analysis) and its frontend: Acoustic Voice Profiling -- Learn more about why your voice is so important for your charismatic impact on people. Hear about the striking effects that charismatic voices have on people's actions, thoughts, and ratings. Discover how even robots and machines benefit from charismatic voices. And see how we can measure body weight and body size from a speakers speech signal! -- Come and join our 90 exciting minutes of applied acoustic research and take some new insights back home with you that can empower young people's voices.... because it is on them to shape the future!

Der er plads til max tre klasser Tirsdag d. 26/1 2021

Første klasse:

Kl. 9-11

Anden klasse:

Kl. 10.30-12.30

Tredje klasse:

Kl. 12- 14

Har det interesse så kontakt Charlotte for at reservere. Evt. spørgsmål skal også stilles til Charlotte: chdu@sonderborg.dk

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