Poetry SLAM


Poetry Slam Workshop

Poetry Slam is a modern competition in which poets read or recite their own work.

There are just three rules:

1) You must have written the text yourself

2) No props are allowed

3) There´s always a time-limit


Classical                        Performance/

creative       &                voice training/

writing                           theater exercises


We will write a lot – in an open way where everybody can use their own interests and perspectives (and the genre they feel comfortable with). Slam is also about speaking out loud, hearing and performing words and texts. This is the other big part of the workshop: different exercises and ways to practice how to perform.

We will also watch and hear examples and talk about them – to see how words and rhythms can be used.

That all leads to more understanding of the language and to self-development.


  • Tilbuddet er til elever i 7.-9. Klasse
  • Fag: tysk eller engelsk
  • Varighed: 4 timer. Enten på én gang eller af to omgange
  • Tid: Onsdage eller fredag fra NU og frem til maj 2018. Dog ikke d.16.3. eller d.21.3.
  • Hvordan: Ring eller skriv til Charlotte chdu@sonderborg.dk / 27900120

About Laura Kohler: I started with Slam two years ago when I was 17 – also with Workshops. I stood on stages in different cities, also at bigger competitions like the U20 National Poetry Slam or the Bavarian Slam Competition. I really like it: All the different poets and texts, the funny ones, political ones, love poems, the rhythms and the atmosphere around it - all that is Poetry Slam. And I think that you can gain an other relation to words and literature by not just reading but speaking and impress oneself.

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