Writing with chunks

2017/18 tilbud til 3.klasse

What: The pupils are to write short narrative texts about their everyday life usingf chunks. By the end of the lesson the pupils have practiced working with:

A narrative text,  the composition of a narrative text and will have gotten familiarized with "chunks".

The overall aim for the workshop with Global House is to embrace the different learning styles and have focus on learning through physical games or activities. English is used as a means of communication.

The pupils will work in pairs or small groups with the different tasks. There will be a variation of tasks, a mix of class teaching, pair work and games.

The teacher is to pair or group the pupils on beforehand.

How: click here to book this workshop for your 3.rd grade. It lasts 2 hours and can be held at your own school

When: All school year

For yderligere spørgsmål så ret gerne henvendelse til Charlotte Duun: chdu@sonderborg.dk

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